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Macam Orang Mabuk! Safiq Rahim Berteriak Memaki Hamun Para “Haters” Selepas Bergelar Juara



JDT yesterday won the Malaysia Cup trophy after defeating last year’s Kedah 2-0 winner at the Shah Alam Stadium last night. The victory ensured the Malaysia Cup trophy was now to Johor.

Betul2 lepas geram Safiq Rahim pada haters keh3

Betul2 lepas geram Safiq Rahim pada haters keh3

Posted by Sukan Star TV – on 4hb November 2017

But it’s a bit ‘scratched’ with JDT captain’s video, Safiq Rahim celebrating their victory. Safiq brought out inappropriate words out of the mouth of a professional player like him. Moreover he has the status of the captain of the JDT and the national squad.

Perhaps he has a reason why he has to say such words. Maybe too happy, torn or angry? Continue to skip to 0:50 the video above to view. Whatever, JDT congratulates for winning Malaysia Cup yesterday.

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